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Privacy Policy

OU "Handler Estonia" Privacy Policy

Visiting the homepage of OU "Handler Estonia", reg. No. 14164366 (hereinafter – Handler Estonia), https://h2.ee/, the Customer may be requested information of a personal nature, including information required to be registered on the homepage, to buy spare parts or to ask questions. Personal data notified to Handler Estonia will be used with the maximum care, confidentiality, security and only in accordance with the purpose of information request. Following this Privacy Policy, Handler Estonia will process such personal data of the Customer as voluntarily approved by the Customer or allowed by the applicable regulatory enactments of the Republic of Estonia, contractual relationships, or required for the protection of the lawful interests of Handler Estonia.

Compilation and Use of Information

Within the framework of this Privacy Policy, “personal data” are understood to include any information, which helps directly or indirectly identify the Customer and which is acquired by Handler Estonia with the consent of the Customer.

Handler Estonia will use the Customer’s personal data in order to fulfill its obligations relating to the processing of purchases of auto spare parts, payments and spare part deliveries, pursuing the purposes as follows: contacts with the Customer, accounting, invoicing, audit, sale of products, credit card or other payment card authorization, security measures, administrative and legal purposes, in the loyal customer management programs, system checking, maintenance and extension, etc.

Personal information of the Customer may be compiled in order to:

  • answer to the Customer’s requests or questions;
  • resolve problems related to any services provided to the Customer;
  • select products, which could meet the Customer’s needs.

To provide necessary services or information to the Customer more qualitatively, personal data of the Customer may be acquired and used as follows:

1. Providing contact information (including data on the Customer’s name, surname, electronic mail address, telephone number, delivery address);

2. From the Customer’s account created on the website https://h2.ee/ or using cookies;

3. Placing orders or making purchases in our online store, providing the Customer’s contact information or saving lacking data to mention the most appropriate type of purchase;

4. Submitting an application for acquiring goods on lease.

Providing his/her personal data to Handler Estonia, the Customer understands and agrees that Handler Estonia will process them in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments of the Republic of Estonia and this Privacy Policy.

Commercial Notices

Handler Estonia may use personal data it has acquired for the purpose of informing the Customer of the expected events, goods and novelties of interest to the Customer. Customers not wishing to receive such data and information may at any time delete their name from the list of such data recipient target audience.

Third Party Access to Personal Data

Handler Estonia will not provide information on the Customer to any third parties, except where so required for the lawful, contractual or commercial purposes of Handler Estonia, observing the requirements of the applicable regulatory enactments of the Republic of Estonia.

Personal data of the Customer may be disclosed to certain third parties by transmitting them to the cooperation partners of Handler Estonia for the purpose of fulfilling the Customer’s requirements relating to the provision of the most qualitative service selected by the Customer. Relationships between such third parties and Handler Estonia are based on the agreement of non-disclosure of confidential information and data processing requirements.

Data Storage

Following the requirements of the applicable regulatory enactments of the Republic of Estonia, if necessary, Handler Estonia may store personal data of the Customer also after the Customer is no longer the customer, or the cooperation partner, or the contact person, etc. of Handler Estonia. Handler Estonia will not store personal data of the Customer longer than required, in view of the purpose for which they were acquired and compiled.

Use of Cookies

There are cases when Handler Estonia may use cookies in order to compile information relating to the statistical indicators of our website services. Cookies are used for the purpose of controlling data flow and contents optimization processes. Any compiled information does not contain identity data.

Links to Other Websites

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to the website https://h2.ee/. Since on our website there may be links to other websites, we recommend the Customer to study the privacy policies of these websites prior to entering any kinds of personal data.

We are not responsible for personal information entered on other websites.


The Customer’s duty is to provide actual personal data of the Customer to Handler Estonia. It applies also to the situations, if the Customer funds out that personal data of the Customer provided to Handler Estonia are obsolete or incorrect.

The Customer may at any time delete or change personal data provided on the homepage.

Handler Estonia may also collect general data on the Customer’s activity on the website and use the website tracking codes in order to monitor users’ behavior and analyze this information for the purpose of business development. This general information is used anonymously.

Handler Estonia may change or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time. Handler Estonia will publish on its homepage information on the last update date of the Privacy Policy. In case of any major changes in the Privacy Policy, Handler Estonia will try to single out such changes, notifying the Customer thereof as possible.

Data Deletion

Providing a reasoned written request to Handler Estonia, in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments of the Republic of Estonia, the Customer has the right to receive information on the Customer data, which were acquired, data sources, purposes for personal data processing, information on personal data recipients, etc.